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“Let’s Go Flying!”

“Let’s go flying!”  That was the optimistic slogan at 11:00 o’clock on March 24 at the Spilve Airport, when its opening celebration was held and the future Aviation Museum was presented.

At the initiative of LLC “Rīgas Nami”, the State Cultural Monuments Protection Inspectorate has listed the terminal building of the Spilve Airport and its alley on the list of nationally protected cultural monuments.  This means recognition for the airport’s cultural, historical and artistic value.

We will talk about the existing situation and our future plans at a news conference, which will be supplemented by a tour, an artistic event and flying.

The history of the Spilve Airport is vivid and rich. The army of the Russian tsars once managed it, as did Bolsheviks, Germans and Latvian adventurers. On June 7, 1919, as World War I continued to rage and Latvians had nothing at all, the Military Aviation Group was established as the first national aviation unit in the history of Latvian aviation. At that moment, the Spilve Aerodrome became the centre for Latvian aviation.  Sports and passenger transportation found a base there during peacetime.

The Spilve Airport is an important part of the Riga infrastructure. Beginning in the 1920s, it handled flights among Latvian cities, as well as to Tallinn, Moscow, Vilnius, Helsinki, Berlin and other European cities.

The airport has always been used for aviation training, as well. The new terminal was built in 1954 in line with the pompous style of Stalinist Classicism. It is one of the few remaining examples of this style in Latvia at this time, and it is seen as a jewel of its era. The building is of cultural, historical and artistic importance, and that makes it a potentially important destination for tourists.

The terminal building will be open to the public on weekends from May 12.

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